Things To Consider In Aircraft Valuation

04 Mar

Putting the right price on an aircraft is very overwhelming, you need to check out so many things for you to price it rightly.  Aircraft Valuation can be evaluated using do many parameters as discussed below.

 First of all, air frame hours and the age.  Whenever a plane flies, each hour in the sky, a dime amount of value is gone.  As that goes on, you realized that the plane loses its value and becomes smaller because it is ageing. Looking at the total number of hours flown over the fleets average you can easily measure this component.  So from the hours in the sky, you can easily use that to value any plane. To deduce an aircraft's raft sale value then consider aircraft hours and the age.

 Secondly, the installed equipment has an impact on the VREF value of the plane.  For instance, the technology used, the air conditioning, systems, the gear among other things must be put together in order to help identify the right value.  Since aircraft's are equipped with different things, features, it would be good to research to find out the differences in the installations, this would be an ultimate guide to valuing the plane rightly. Also, the engine hours are some other thing to evaluate.  You only check how many hours can it fly before landing, if for longer hours then the price would be high, but when it keeps on flying to destination to destination at lesser hours then the value would actually be low.


Very recommended that you look into the records and the airworthiness directives to guide your decision. Normally, the records are very helpful especially when it comes to airworthiness directives and the maintenance needs. We have so many things that the records have, for instance, the purchaser needs to see the airworthiness certificate, the balance data, the weight so as to know what to do.  The above things must be available; otherwise the aircraft valuation of the plane goes down. 

The interior is another thing that needs attention.  Just checking the interior, the technology used to design and layout would determine the value of the plane. Simply judging the interior, you can tell if it enhances the value or not.   Another factor is checking the paint, be careful of the hidden things behind the paint though.  For more insights regarding aircraft, go to

Consider the Dave history as well.  Consider the type of accident, degrees to which the aircraft was affected.  Check with the history to know how well to value the aircraft.  Aircraft valuation would only be successful with such things put into mind.

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